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Friday, May 26, 2006

::The Journey down the World of Darkness Trail

I commuted to work today via my slick new Trek 7200 bicycle. The ride was nice, it was like exploring a new part of the world.. you almost forget you are in the middle of a group of towns. You get the chance to get a breath of fresh air. Like I said the ride was nice.. its when the ride is over that the world come slamming down on you.

I'll admit I'm out of shape and probably could have done the ride a little faster.. maybe as I go it will get better.. but for now my ass hurts... not so much the ass but the crouch area. Saddle sore I guess you'd call it.

I'm definitely glad to have done it though... I'll be saving shitloads of money on gas. And I feel like I'm giving a big Fuck You to the oil companies! And yeah, I'll be in better shape maybe. I like the Fuck You better as an incentive.